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Blogging with Hugo

All my most recent blog posts seem to be about updating my blog tooling (much as Rick commented earlier today). By recent, I obviously mean within the last 5 years.

I back tracked through my blog updates and discovered I’ve used 5 different tools over my 15 year history on the web.

Something got lost in the process of migrating through all these blogging platforms, using increasingly complex plugins to generate what is simple static html. My voice got lost too, which you can see from the infrequency of updates on everything on my frontpage. Other things have played into this, notably the expansion of my family.

I used a large amount of custom metalsmith javascript plugins I’d written myself to generate the previous incarnation of my blog. I always found myself stuck when it came to attempting to remember the command for building.

Hugo uses no such plugins and builds incredibly quickly using a simple command line interface. It massively reduces the burden of maintaining all these pieces when I want to get thoughts out my head and put them online.

Hopefully what all this means that I’ll be blogging more frequently than once a year from now on.