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Work With Me

Since 2012, I’ve worked on tools for companies such as the Office for National Statistics, BBC and Aardman Features. I run a small software development company, Nifty Digits Ltd which specialises in Python.

I often write software with frameworks like Django, Flask and Vue.js. I write infrastructure using tools like Serverless, Terraform and Kubernetes so I can ship fast and iterate quickly. I’ve written tools that collect survey data for 2021 Census and ensure complex studio animation pipelines run smoothly. I’m pretty lucky to have both a research and feature film background, earning me a PhD and a number of imdb credits.

I believe that the best software is transparent to it’s users. I favour simple solutions, building upon existing open source libraries and automating workflows as much as possible to deliver them.

Over the past decade I’ve worked both as a solo developer and upon highly organised teams and gathered a huge amount of experience across a variety of domains.

I offer a wide range of services covering development, operations and support. I can help if you’re struggling with any of the following:

  • Building full web products, microservices or plugins
  • Creating continuous integration or deployment pipelines
  • Reviewing, getting feedback and refactoring existing code

Please take a look at my company website Nifty Digits Ltd for more on the sorts of things I do.