Hi, I’m Ian.

I’m a software engineer living in Cardiff, UK. I run a small software development company, Nifty Digits Ltd which specialises in Python and Javascript. Since 2012, I’ve worked on tools for companies such as the Office for National Statistics, BBC, Aardman Features and Clothcat Animation.

I often write software with frameworks like Django, Flask and Vue.js. I’ve written tools that collect surveys for the largest businesses on the web and ensure complex studio animation pipelines run smoothly. I’m pretty lucky to have both a research and feature film background, earning me a PhD and a number of imdb credits.

I believe that the best software is transparent to it’s users. I favour simple solutions, building upon existing open source libraries and automating workflows to deliver them.

Here I publish my thoughts on anything that takes my fancy - and I have done so for the last 15 years! A lot has changed in that time for me.

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from Cardiff University. Probably the most valuable skills I learnt whilst writing it were about myself, rather than anything in my final thesis.