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FOWA Roadtrip Cardiff

Yes, yes I know I already posted about the FOWA Roadtrip in Bristol, but I live in Cardiff and have friends and colleagues in Bristol too. I promise I didn’t just head there for free drinks once again. This time the Carson Systems team had pulled together some funky little FOWA Roadtrip badges that they handed out on the door, rather than the stickers at Bristol. I’d previously learned that Ryan’s wife, Gillian had taken a MSc in Cardiff and it seems the same is true of Lisa Price too. I had a really interesting conversation with Lisa about how Future Publishing (whom she previously worked for) produced one of my favourite mags (PCFormat) back in my adolescence. (I actually still own all the magazines I bought for like 3 years and harbour plans to ship them back to Future in Bath, along with all the CDs).

Anyway, it was grand that those who were involved in the web app scene in Cardiff finally made it to an event together, and our newly formed Cardiff Geeks group is already scheming to stage another meet up for geeky people. (It’s a good label, it’s a nerd you don’t want to be).