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FOWA Roadtrip Bristol

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of meeting up with a bunch of fellow geeks and web peeps over in Bristol as part of Ryan Carsons Future of Web Applications Roadtrip.

It was a bit of a crazy evening, with me stuck in Cardiff for the best part of two hours prior to leaving. This was due to a “large fire” in Newport which was smoking out the rail line so the fire brigade shut everything down. Luckily, at about 6.30pm the line opened up again and I made it over to Bristol. I’d met up with Evan Rudowski and Jo(?) of SubHub prior at Cardiff station and therefore headed over with them.

It was a good evening, with me able to catch up with Jon and Jon of the Grow Collective (with whom I shall hopefully be working with very soon, but more on that later). I don’t think I ever used the free drink I was entitled too with my lovely check sticker Ryan graced me with. A similar event is happening in Cardiff on 10th September over in the bay, if you’re a web type in wales you’d probably do well to check it out.

Update: there’s more info on the event on Future of Web Apps blog. I even made it into a couple of photos, albeit adorning a rucksack. The fire in Newport completely destroyed a row of houses. I guess I didn’t have it that bad…

FOWA Bristol Meet

FOWA Bristol Meet