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Shipping in March

This month, I’ve decided to take some time out to ship projects.

I have a huge list of projects accumulating I’d like to push out of the door, but as a father and freelancer I have lack of a certain commodity in able to achieve them. That would be time.

Currently I don’t have any work booked in for a while, so along with Viv, we’ve decided I should try and get some of these projects released.

That sounds easy, but I’m well aware from past experience it isn’t. I don’t want to work outside of working hours (9-5.30pm) as I know the impact it has on my family. My hope is by setting myself some achievable goals I can at least get some way to ticking off some checkboxes on this growing todo list.

Some of these projects are products I’ve not yet completed, projects I’ve released but need work or ideas that haven’t made it to the build stage yet. As a freelancer, I hope that some of them may even help out other people in a similar situation to me.

Over the coming month, I’m going to attempt to ship at least 4 projects out of the door. 1 a week for 4 weeks. I’ll be blogging about my progress here, and posting summaries of how it went at the end of each week. The end date of the 28th is also my birthday, so it would be great present to myself to have come some way to meeting my goal.

If you’re interested in receiving progress updates via email, signup here: http://eepurl.com/PxGe9