~ 2 min read

New Year, New Theme

I’ve long made use of the default theme on WordPress, which I’ve always felt wasn’t entirely “me”. The theme now live is one I’ve been tinkering with for a while now based on the lovely preview design used in the prose.io document editing tool for github. I really like the focus on simplicity and think it suits me well.

I’ve added some different styling for the navigation elements, given they didn’t already exist on prose.io. I’ve also added some subtle colour changes when navigating between pages, many of which are based on Laura Kalbag‘s palettes over on colour lovers.

One of the things I hadn’t counted on was consolidating 10 years worth of blog posts into sensible categories as it was becoming a bit of a mess. When I first started blogging, wordpress didn’t exist, let alone tagging and I think I started out using categories in a manner to replicate them.

There’s still a few things I’m not entirely happy with, such as how navigation is represented for single posts. I intend to tidy the theme up and release it back to the WordPress community, but for now I’m enjoying having finally got it out in the open. Feel free to let me know what you think.