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You’re Nowhere Near as Good a Hacker as You Think

What are you doing? Why would you go down that road? Shouldn’t you be building something else? How long have you been doing this?

Sure you can fool your clients into thinking you’re adding value to their product. I know the truth. But how did you – with all your expertise get to the point in thinking that’s what you’re really doing?

This is your first project? Shouldn’t you be focusing on your clients problems?

Why are you busily building a framework, when you’re already overdue? You know there’s any flavour of ORM available already right? What’s wrong with you? Where are your requirements?

Do you think that you’re going to be able to produce something better than the thousands of contributors to that open source project you’re avoiding using? They’ve been doing it for years already, for thousands of use cases. You think somehow yours falls outside it’s catchment area? Seriously? How arrogant are you?

You’ve been blinkered into thinking you’re an expert in areas you’re not. When your time is spent solving the wrong problems and you’re not invited back, I hope you’ll realise that you’re nowhere near as good a hacker as you think.