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Goodbye 1 & 1

I just sent the following email to 1 & 1′s billing department. I’ve been with them for coming up to 7 years now and they were, when I first used them, the only registraar I knew about and I was really happy.

As the number of domains I own has grown, their account admin has become really totally useless to manage them all. I recieved a payment request out of the blue today and it tipped me over the edge.

We contacted you regarding a declined payment or an expired credit/debit card and have not yet heard back from you.
Our records indicate that there is an unpaid balance in your 1&1 customer account no.: K####### as listed below.

Firstly – No you didn’t.

Secondly – It would be far more useful telling me which domain name in my account a payment demand is in reference to rather than my account number, as I have more than 1 domain with you.

Thirdly – The steps you’ve listed here to find my payment details miss steps and references links that don’t exist.

Fourthly – Threatening action when you haven’t actually sent a primary payment request email is rude, forceful and obnoxious.

Please be aware that if this matter is not resolved, you may be sent to a debt collection agency. If the account is sent to a debt collection agency a £15.00 > charge will be added to the unpaid balance.

I’ve decided to take all of my business elsewhere at the earliest opportunity. I’d hope you’d take heed of these comments and pay your other longstanding customers the respect they deserve.