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In order for me to generate this post I’ve created something quite novel on my blog – a new category which I’ve not had a great deal of experience in previously, “work”. For the last couple of months I’ve been working for Aardman features in Bristol on their forthcoming feature film, “Pirates” – building software, which I’ll be doing at least for the next couple of months too.

I’ve been having an amazing experience over this time. Being landed in a fantastic position of working with extremely talented, creative individuals – whom have worked on tons of entertainment that I’ve chuckled away too throughout my life. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been sent to LA in order to read up and fully understand the software I’m working on too and also get to see many exciting elements of the production process. The nature of the work I’m doing has meant I’ve had to talk to everyone from the floor crew, model making, camera assistants and animators to visual effects and editorial. It has been a massive task to take in the huge amount of new information, but I am loving learning about every step in the process. It’s great to see all these steps under one roof working as a massive family unit.

The whole experience is to say the least exciting and quite honestly I am honoured to be involved with it! Here’s to the next couple of months….

PS: Check out some of aardmans wonderful characters on this page.