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My Vicious Circle of Posting Quality Content

I’ve been looking back at the posts on this site and the commitment that I supposedly made (internally) a couple of months ago about posting regular, interesting content. But it seemed to die a death very promptly.

I think that there may be a bit of a vicious circle here (in my own situation at least). I’d love to post regular interesting stuff, but for that to happen I need to feel that it might be read. By far the most commented stuff here is when I link up code. Those posts take a fairly substantial amount of time for me to complete as they are born of the result of my own frustration of hours spent tinkering with code, which I think might be useful for others to be clued up on. I also need time to gather my thoughts and structure what exactly I’m trying to say to people. This all adds up.

If I post more often, I fear the lesser quality of content might be pretty boring for the majority of people and probably not at all worthy of feedback from them. So I end up in a kind of stalemate position – should I post this/shouldn’t I/Oo-er and I don’t do anything. I’m not saying that I have a massive amount of visitors here, I’d just like them to enjoy the experience when they visit.