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Sweetcron is pretty sweet at Lifestreaming

For people like myself who are fairly erratic at posting regular updates to their blogs, you might do well to pass your eyes over to Sweetcron. Sweetcron does very well at pulling your content from other places on the web you may frequent and gathering it altogether in a neat little summary page automatically. This is otherwise known as a lifestream and has gained popularity as people tend toward exposing more of their activities on the web. You can see mine over here (although is mostly twitter updates for the minute).

What sets this lifestream software apart from others is that as its opensource it can be downloaded, modified and hosted upon your own servers. That means you’re free to mess about with it as you like and maybe customise the page in your own snazzy design. It’s also based on the lovely codeigniter PHP framework from the peeps at ellislabs, which I’ve used a number of times now. You’ll need to modify the .htaccess and codeigniter config to get it working in a sub-folder, but it’s all fairly easy and self explanatory.

The author, Yong Fook has done well to put this out as a side project all on his tod. Whilst my design looks fairly basic, there is a more fancy version included that looks a lot like Yongs homepage.

If you’re a proper geek, a homebrewed version of a lifestream might be more your style.