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Stick to your guns - You'll be rewarded

I’m a firm believer that by upholding my own principles, I’ll be rewarded. It’s a tag line I adopted for the small hosting company that I’ve been running for a while now. It also has been reflected this year in a nasty situation I was left in with my landlords, the council and a previous housemate (who doesn’t really deserve that title, more just a person whom shared the house). In all these situations things have turned out better for me in the long run, due to myself re-enforcing what I believe should be done – even if it does mean a longer struggle through.

Today, one of my favourite breaks record labels (Marine Parade) were offering a compo to win a cd by responding to them over myspace. (Ok, maybe a somewhat less grandiose scenario than this post may have made out, but still!) I’ve long refused to sign up to myspace out of principles (it looks bloody awful, mainly) so I sent them a message to point it out:

As much as I’d like to respond to get the cd via myspace, I feel I shouldn’t have to be forced to use that poor excuse for an interweb page.

Anyway, here is my address just in case you feel like sending me Adam Freelands – Tectonics.

To my joy, they didn’t care!

fair enough, you get one!

I don’t think I’ve ever won a competition due to principles. Maybe I should start bending the rules of other competitions and still try to win prizes?