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My Stag Do

Now that the big day has passed, I thought I’d start revealing how some of my days in the lead up to it were spent. For my stag do, firstly we had a fairly quiet night in playing computer games, after doing a shop at Asda and getting the majority of mates locked out of our new pad. Many laughed at my wii fighting skills. Saturday, we travelled over to the Forest of Dean to climb through the tree-course that is Go Ape. This was really great fun and definitely a little different than some of the other stag do’s I’ve been on. Basically, you attach yourself to a steel rope and move through a bunch of trees high up, except the route taken might not be as straight forward as a bridge. Give it a try, it defintely was worth the money… I also highly recommend watching the videos below for an idea of the action.

On the saturday afternoon, we travelled to er, somewhere to have a go at shooting some stuff. Don’t worry, it wasn’t ever alive. Well, you obviously need to know how to operate a 12 gauge before you get married, surely? The chap guiding us was a Lord and seemed rather keen on letting us all know about it, also how Nelson Mandela was a terrorist and he’d put him away, nice….

Anyway following an evening on the town due to being kicked out of our new pad for the girls to take over, Sunday we met up with the hen do to have a fairly surprisingly decent day at the beach (people even burnt!). Some people decided to bury me in rocks…but Viv rescued me. As people decided to head off, I was quite chuffed I’d got away without anything dodgy going down.

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stagdo-d 010

stagdo 044

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