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TechcrunchUK Non-Pantomime Continues

Apparently, according to the free English dictionary there is a couple of definitions other than the traditional UK understanding of the word pantomime. For those international readers who don’t know, a pantomime is a pretty awful example of B-List celebrities acting ability in the UK in which involves them dressing up in bad costumes and acting out a fairy tale or story. In Cardiff, the big panto is Jack and the Giant Beanstalk – where Jack is played by John Barrowman (or Captain Jack from Torchwood and Dr Who). The other definition is: ‘The telling of a story without words, by means of bodily movements, gestures, and facial expressions.’.Sam Sethi has been in the news recently with articles reporting on his departure from TechcrunchUK. Sam has recently called Mike Arrington’s interpretation of events a bit of a pantomime, with a lot of “oh no it isn’t”, “oh yes it is” type comments going on. The whole scenario has rolled on for a while now and definitely does not conform to the second interpretation of a pantomime. My only wish was that the original intention for the Techcrunch sites, i.e to report on web start-ups, be it in Europe or elsewhere remained the primary concern for them, and I didn’t have to be subjected to the arguments that editors of such blogs may have with one another. Then again, I may be perpetuating the whole ordeal by writing this post….