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Crazy Fools - Learn to Drive!

It wasn’t that long ago that I posted about coming off of my bike due to a slippery road, but this time was a bit different. Today somebody properly smacked me off of my bike! They were attempting to cut round a light-enabled junction when the lights had gone green in a different direction. As there is a small window of time only 1 or two generally make this turn, but this car decided that it should go even if it wasn’t its turn. They wheelspun out and clipped my backwheel, kicking my bike out from under me. I promptly leapt to my feet and gave them a whole host of verbal abuse in the middle of the road, before going to meet them where they pulled in. There I explained to them (throught the art of shouting) why attempting the turn was difficult (you are essentially doing a 180 degree turn) and ridiculous when it was the crossing traffic’s right of way. Their excuses were rather pathetic to say the least, and I told them that even if they ‘didn’t know the area’, that this should prompt some caution and mowing down cyclists wasn’t the way to go to make friends.

I can’t believe some people, this is the first time I’ve physically been struck by a vehicle and was a really stupid mistake.