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On Demand Access

I don’t really understand microsoft, over the last few days, their live network has been experiencing problems every time I’ve tried to logon to access my email. Who knows what my 8 emails contain which are hidden within live mail, I certainly don’t. You would think that more people would be in uproar about this – I mean what if these were payment requests, final demands or quick response business proposals? I could be loosing out on some serious money here.

Apparently, even they are unsure of the problem – it could be that “This site may be experiencing a problem” or “The site may not be a member of the Windows Live Network”. These seem quite vague, I mean obviously the sites experiencing a problem as everything would be fine and dandy if not and I’m pretty sure that Live mail is a member of their Live network too. Why don’t you try telling me something that I don’t already know?