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DropSend is up for sale

Carson Systems DropSend has recently been put up for sale by Ryan Carson. He states that currently they don’t have enough time to give it the attention it deserves, although the application is profitable with customers accumulating month by month.DropSendDropSend allows users to email huge files to one another via uploading them to dropsend and sending an email to the reciever to detail where it can be collected from. It’s quite interesting as the costs involved in its building are quite detailed within Ryans talk at a previous Future of Web Apps conference (also broken down here at 37 signals). For those who are interested, it cost around £26k. It will be good to see what kind of profit the team is able to achieve.You can read about DropSends sale progress over at their barenakedapp website, which previously was used to divulge the details of the building of their most recent project, amigo.