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Techno Graveyard

Our front room is looking a bit of a technology graveyard at the moment. Not only do we have the two archaic computers which have been there since forever, but now we also sport an unused fridge which has been replaced by one of our housemates parents (much larger) hand-me-downs.

This time last year saw the cleaning out of the Cardiff Department of Computer Science’s cupboards, with a large amount of the machines having to be “properly disposed of”, due to their burden of having huge crt monitors from yesteryear. Presumably this means they are taken to be properly disassembled and resused if possible – somewhere like wastechnique in wales for example. When it was suggested that they be offered to charities who would re-use the machines sent to third world countries and the like, the idea was rejected because the scheme had never been attempted before.

It’s quite crazy how disposable technology has become in modern life. I suppose I notice it more now due to having that much more of it myself, I have 3 past mobile phones in my possession currently, not counting those back in Yeovil. I wonder what little gadgets we’ll be chucking out 10, 20 years down the line…..