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Hi there, we’ve not spoken in a while. How’s you?It seems I’ve been succumbing to a lifestyle of late that I wish I would never end up at – that of working within a “routine”. I must be getting old. The whole of last week seemed a little bit of a drain, working my ass off trying to get tiny parts of code to work properly in the day and the rest of the time being tired that I was staying up late to give myself alone time in the evenings. The day and evening seem to blur to become a big mess when I’m working hard, I lose all concept of what should really be important to me and where my efforts should really be put.Anyway, I’ve been up to lots other than working, went off to greenbelt last week, which was unexpectedly cool (especially the Ukelele Orchestra!) and spent this weekend with very little time spare once it had all been used up with meeting people, socialising and whatnot. Oh deary me, whats going on? Do I finally have a life?