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Slug's Talking Nicely

I’ve had a couple of problems getting my slug working nice under ubuntu. Firstly, although it is recognised by default and I can connect and browse via samba, when I actually came to playing my media, everything got screwed up, with Amarok trying to launch kmail…… I could copy files to ubuntu and play them properly from there, but straight off of the slug was a no go.I found the solution was to mount it under ubuntu using the command:sudo mount -t smbfs //NAS/DISK 1 /media/slug -o username=user,password=passWhere user and pass are your username and password for the slug respectively and the backslash indicates a space. This poses another problem however, that you don’t want to have to fire up a terminal everytime you want to listen to media, instead its better to get it automounted at startup using an entry in /etc/fstab:sudo gedit /etc/fstaband then add a line://NAS/DISK�401 /media/slug smbfs username=user,password=pass,rw<br />

Again supplimenting user and pass with your username and password. The �40 indicates a space in the name of the share which is on the NAS, which annoyingly took me a large amount of time to figure out!