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Icy Slugs

A couple of weeks back I discovered a slug in cash converters. Well, a usb2 external disk to nas drive converter affectionately known as the slug. Seeing as how I’ve been considering purchasing one, I figured shelling out the £25 was worth it for an experiment with installing linux on it for a bit. The D-Link nslu2 features two usb2 connection points for hooking up usb2 drives, but I didn’t really feel like sacrificing my university external box as this usually comes in quite useful.Enter an icy box, one of the new sata ones, to encompass a normal hard drive – which fitted in quite well with the sata drive I purchased for my machine at uni, but never actually ended up using. In total i spent about £90 on the lot I think.I decided to get on with moving everything onto it yesterday, and first off was the 75Gb mp3 collection – taking a total of about 4 hours…. Next’ll be the 10Gb downloads directory (which I could probably do with emptying really).If I ever get round to installing linux (as it sounds a little bit of an arse) upon the slug, it could be quite sweet to set it up with slim server to finally have a completely silent mp3 stream in my house…..of course, this also would require investing in a squeezebox, or something similar.