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Did I speak too soon?

It seems I may have spoken too soon about my linux joys with ubuntu. After performing a dist-upgrade on my previous beta version of Dapper, I discovered I’d have to go through the same problems of downloading kernel source and linux header packages for my new kernel version.I also discovered after doing this that actually there were further problems on booting Dapper straight up. Apparently the pointers to drives get screwed up somewhere in the process. Although I could boot into X using just the safety mode and booting from there, this wasn’t ideal and I still wanted my lovely little 64 bit install to be working nicely. I dicovered that adding the line ide=nodma to the line of the reference in grub solved the problem.So I’m in, great you might think, but oh no – lets try amarok on for size too… Amarok (A shiny linux media player I discoved) wasn’t playing any of my mp3′s at all, just whizzing through the lot of them. A short search revealed that in using the xine engine, xine needed further codecs to be installed to get sound out too. You’d think that a dependency would be put in place here to sort this out by default. One nice feature I like is the inbuilt submission to last.fm, a great idea in my book – I use it all the time.Anyway, *now *my Ubuntu is being nice. Oh no, have I just jinxed it?