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Ubuntu Working

FInally, after a grand total of 10 months, I have a 64bit version of Ubuntu Linux working upon my home machine.This is great news, not only does it mean that I have a wonderful OS to try out for size, but that I can easily convert my subversion server code and latex source to my machine.As I’ve never mentioned it before, I’ll detail what the problem was here. First up, the graphics card didn’t have drivers which were working which meant that my X800 was pretty pathetic to be quite honest with you. There was a fairly simple solution through apt, which would have been nice if………………the network card on my A8N-VM CSM was working properly, which it wasn’t, due to use of an NFORCE chipset. A build of some drivers were neccessary, which required adding a load of packages (simple if apt were working!).Anyway, several days of man hours later, and this ubuntu thing works wonderfully. If you’re having similar troubles with this board, its probably best to use this page for guidance.