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The Bitter Irony

Yesterday I got a little annoyed about the fact that it seemed as if play had forgotten all details of my existence and telling me my email address was wrong. After sending a little letter off to them complaining yesterday evening, I realised after their response that actually I’d altered my saved email a little while before. I went ahead and placed my order of Sideways this morning which I’d expected to be fairly good due to the rave reviews I’d heard of it.

Going to the Matthias’ for tea revealed that they had also made the purchase, so we decided to watch it this evening. Oh dear, oh dear. I can’t say this was my most favourite film ever and has to rank up there with “Being John Malkovich” for dodgy purchases of mine. It would have been ok if only I had returned now and been able to cancel my order, but I’ve already recieved the mail for dispatch…..