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What does it take to make a good wife?

From “How To Succeed With Women Without Really Trying” c1957

“The first wife, as opposed to the fiancee, must be practicable and serviceable. She is neither a toy, an ornament, nor a playmate. She will be your wife during the early, hard years before you can afford a staff of servants. She will serve as mother, cook, housemaid, chauffeur, nurse, and charwoman. This will allow her, if she is nimble, six or seven hours of sleep a night, ample for a sturdy girl.

It is best, before deciding definitely, to test for firmness. Few of us would consider buying a grapefruit before squeezing it-yet how many make the far more important choice of close companion in a sloppy, hit-or-miss fashion?

Using the thumb and forefinger, exert gentle pressure along certain key muscles. A girl with good muscular tone will wear well and last for years, even if neglected occasionally. She will not tire easily, and will usually maintain a cheerful disposition despite long hours and hard work.

‘Davie, you pinched me!’
‘Oh, sorry, Pheobe. Must have slipped.’
‘Well stop!’
‘Have you ever thought of taking a bit more exercise?’ “