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Singapore Day 3

I’ve just returned from the conference dinner to finalise CCGRID for ’06. Tomorrow will be its last day whereupon everyone will return to their various different countries, or maybe somewhere closer for a short time on holiday. I’ve already heard of others plans to see Malaysia and Vietnam. I’ll be here until Tuesday evening to check out all that Singapore has to offer (at least I hope I will be able to).

Tonight’s meal was very crazy, lots of food that I wouldn’t normally eat, but I seemed to manage all 8 courses without too much trouble. Shark soup, chickens with their heads still on and lots of beer and tea were all on the menu. There was also some crazy dancing which went on between about course 6/7.

I’m getting a little more used to the layout of everything so far in the university, but it’s so spread out and the buildings are so similar it’s still pretty confusing.

I’ll get to explore the use of the MRT more than previously from tomorrow, and to explore some slightly more diverse areas I guess, with much photo taking. This includes the now infamous Orchard Road everyone has been talking about, as I have been unable to reach it previously, hopefully a few cheapo gadgets may catch my eye. I’d also like to go to the night zoo, but this is a bit awkward as it runs late at night and the last bus connection to it is fairly early in comparison in the evening. Annoying. Today is also my last day with definite internet access, so I may not post any updates until when I return afterwards. Sorry about that, especially if you’re anyone who may be even missing me.