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Chicago Day Five - Threadless and Whitesox

After the workshop ended in the early hours of the afternoon today, I thought it would be kinda cool to head over and see if I could find threadless in Chicago, to stock up on some more of their awesome t shirts. After a little bit of thinking and umming and ahh-ing about whether or not I could actually find the place, I decided to make a a go of it and try.

A short train ride later, I found the offices of skinnycorp, and got shown round the whole setup, introduced to peeps and given some of those oh so amusing “i park like an idiot” stickers. It was kinda surreal to see all these people whole acted as models on the website in real life. Charlie showed me around the place..you can lots of vids of the guy (bearded, glasses, boxed) over at Craig Shimala’s web site.

I also got the experience of going to see the whitesox today…even though they scored 3 home runs, they didn’t win, but the fireworks at the end were amazing! You can see me, Steve and Paul over on the sox site.