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Chicago Day Four - Workshop

Hello. Today marked the second day in the workshop I’m attending and the presentation of some of my own work and thoughts. I’ve also experienced some very useful thoughts of not only my work, but my PhD as a whole. Today is a good day for that.

Yesterday evening we attended an italian restaurant as part of the evening meals for the conference, which featured such a ridulous amount of food it was stupid. We had less people on our table, and it meant that actually we would end up with more than a dish each – 1 1/2 plates each full to the brim. Twas nice…

I also managed to finally get to experience Chicago Downtown pizza, which is something which has to be done apparently. Prior to this also, I managed to get an experience of drinking in a bar looking atop one of the smaller buildings in the area. Have a look at the pic for an idea of what it looked like.