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Travelling to Chicago

So I’ve arrived safe and sound in Chicago! I’m quite glad about that as it means I’m not dead, murdered or anything like that from what came from my whole journey…

I didn’t realise how much of a strain etc travelling could be, mainly because I’ve never come this far before (actually, I’ve never been outside of Europe). I had to set off at around 8.00am from home, catching a train to get to Gatwick for 11.30. From there my first 8hr flight led me to Detroit setting off at 1.50pm, and then another 40min one to Chicago, followed by a train journey of about 1hr. There was a 3hr gap between those two flights too, so by the time I arrived here, I’ve been on the go for the best part of 23hrs. I also think taking the train downtown may have been a mistake, especially as I didn’t really know where the station was in relation to where I was staying. I had to take a short stroll past my residence, before realising thats where I was meant to be! I am totalled and need a good kip, I best make use of my bed as some other geezer was in it when I arrived, whom I had to shift.

Night night.