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All Go!

Its been a long time without me saying anything much, but lots and lots going on. The first event to note was that I had my car attempted to be broken into over here in Roath, I suppose that eventually that this was bound to happen being in a city centre and all I guess until now I’ve been lucky. They tried to get in through the passenger side door, bending it out and giving up after not getting in. I suppose its good that nothing has been stolen, but more of a worry that it happened directly outside our house and nobody noticed and that I now have a bent-out-bent-back-in version of my door.

Viv and my birthdays happened last month. Strange to think that I’m now 25, closer to 30 than 20 and all that. To kind of celebrate, Viv and I took a weekend in Dublin which just happened to occur just after St Patricks Day, which most definitely was not planned, or thought about. It meant there were a few free attractions going on and a far too great amount of Americans littering the whole area. The first night we got to climb hills and watch a fireworks display, with day two visiting the Evangelical Church around the corner from where we were staying and looking around Dublin in the afternoon. Day 3 was more of the same with Dublin, and a visit to Howth in the afternoon. The weather the whole weekend was fairly pants, with the trip to Howth being amusingly wet. Being the classy fellow I am, I forced Viv to eat the cheapest meals we could find anywhere – I was paying after all, gah! I think KFC, Subway and our midnight outside Chinese bench sit take-out were the meals to note. I also forced us to make use of public transportation the whole way – using two 3 day passes which meant we had the run of the entire city bus services and the Dart line which ran from Brey to Howth (hence the visits to both!). To be honest I managed to get very skint due to being unpaid since December by this point, so my interesting use of the money I took (£70 inc travel whilst there), for the two of us, I thought was pretty good. I even managed to get a subsidised rate for rooms as we were both students (you don’t ask you don’t get!). To be able to translate from pounds to euros also got extremely confusing and may have hindered spending a little bit too.


My actual birthday party I had a pizza and nintendo night, which actually turned more into a bongo fest on donkey kong. Birthday presents have been fairly interesting (including more chocolate raisans and a rather rude t-shirt!). I had far more people turn up than my last birthday – which all of 2 people came to, maybe this was because I staged it at home so housemates were forced to partake.

Last month (on Vivs birthday) I discovered that not only was I to travel to Singapore with work in May, but to Chicago too! This is the source of major stress and excitement, while as I get to go to these wonderful cities, I have to deal with the arrangements for travel myself, whilst preparing what I am actually presenting also. It’s also my first travel outside of the realms of Europe (arrgghhhh, etc, etc). I’ll probably keep people informed of what I’m up to on each trip on here…stay tuned…


It was also another well known persons birthday last weekend, we celebrated with his family and friends before taking a trip to the park and all act our ages…