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The Ebay Experiment

I’m always coming up with concepts for websites, but I thought this one was worth blogging about. Basically, my idea is that you give yourself a budget of say 99p on ebay and see what kind of profit you can get from that by selling it again….on ebay… and so on until you flop and lose all your profit, or give up and bag the benefits of being able to spell and take photographs.It might sound stupid, but I believe that there are many key factors which influence the price at which items sell i.e. presentation, description, etc etc. The geeks who are able to make things look pretty and take a few photos might as well take maximum benefit..I went ahead and registered a domain for it, to hear of others who’d like to give it a go too. I might even start – that is if I can find an item worthy of gaining profit with for 99p!