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MSI RS480M2-IL Motherboard

For those of you who would like to have a stable SFF machine, lest ye take heed of my advice…do not buy MSI.I bought a mATX MSI RS480M2-IL back in october, with a view to putting it in my new Antec Aria SFF case. It looked deceptively feature packed with its 939 madness and 3 x PCI and PCI-E slots. There it still currently resides sitting quietly all day until I return from work in the evening to perhaps do a little web design or listen to the 70 odd gigs of music I have stashed away. A simple task you might think, but not for MSI, it justs freezes when you least expect it.No amount of BIOS updates or re-configuring of internal cabling will remedy this, instability is an added feature of MSI boards. The best part is, it only crashes during normal windows usage, not hardcore gaming – bizarre….It’s in all honesty the first board I’m thinking of ditching with another and just plain rubbish.