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We are 100

This post is the official 100th post on this site! Wow, how exciting. I know that it’s marked up as #127, but these are of the ones that actually made it public here. The first one made it up back in August 03 and was rather boring. That makes an average blog per month rating of 3.4….Yeah, thats lame too. So, what can I talk about to make it all profound now? Hmm…

This week marked 3 months of Viv and I dating. I suppose I’m still finding it all rather bizarre a woman being interested in me in that way – well any way actually! Though she does seem a little confused about which role in the relationship she’d like to take. Anyway, it has been a great time and I wouldn’t change any of it. Actually, thats a lie, I wouldn’t mind changing the part where she didn’t tell me how she felt when I initially spilled my guts, for maybe 6 months, because I actually thought she despised me with a passion – yeah that was a fun time. Rant over, I’m loving it now. This time makes up for a lot of confusion for me back then. Too bad it took her the best part of 25 years to find me.

Did we do anything special? Unfortunately no – distance a problem here and I got so into my work I actually forgot about it by the end of the day and was still at uni a t 8pm working. Ever the hopeless romantic…..ah well save all that for that day next month I guess.

Here’s a strange photo of the two of us, looking a bit rough.