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Life Goes On

On the dawning of a new year, life continues much the same as it has done previously, I have lots of work to do, lots of pointless things to do and lots of people who want me to fix their computers because they heard I know a little about those sorts of things. On my quest to rid the world of all t-shirts by stocking up on them myself, Iā€™d quite like to pick up this t-shirt to reflect how I sometimes feel about this. I may as well not beat around the bush. Although I do occasionally do like to do some alternate computing things in my spare time it seems I end up doing it incessantly, which really makes it a hideous attribute to possess and leaves me with very little free time at all. The period at home over Chistmas really brought this up too. Oh well, I am a geek and am burdened with the full package which comes with it.