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A New Year

I’ve not spoken in a long time on here and it seems I’m getting harassed into doing so, so I thought I’d air some stuff.

It’s the New Year! Woohoo! Christmas brought with it all the usual stuff, like parents moaning about computers and arguing about nothing. This year I only crept back for a very short time in which to see family and catch up. It seems like Yeovil is less and less like my home now, with friends moving away and all. I didn’t really get to see anyone much, but did spy Mike and Nathans new houses while I was back. Its really strange to see people moving forward in that respect, their places seem huge, but then they’ve been working forever – did I take the wrong track? What would my life be like if?, are questions I constantly ask myself…

I spent lots of time doing various holiday type things…went away for New Year to Sidmouth, Devon. I managed to tow Viv along as well although she did just sleep through most of everything. She was feeling a bit poorly so was left to sleep that off, but then you have to add the normal sleep regime as well, so thats a whole lotta sleeping. We got a bit confusled on the beach and accidentally lost everyone in a big cave – which there was talk of spending New Year in, but I think the weather didn’t really cater for this. I didn’t ever see it but apparently it was quite spectacular. Viv quite cleverly fell asleep on said beach, I got lots of weird looks from bypassers (presumeably wondering what on earth I’d done….) and a dog almost thought she was a tree…and then it rained….hard.

Also been spending time with the Matthias’, joking having a laugh etc, etc. It’s been ace, I even benefited to the tune of 3 next tops by playing Mario and letting females go off and guess sizes (they guessed Jon’s size poorly). We’ve fed ducks in the sunset, thrown stones at beaches and tried to kill one another via remote sumo over the last month. Good times.

This time of year usually marks a milestone of some sort in terms of relection, but I shant ponder too much right now. Suffice to say I’m hopeful and really excited, so am looking forward to it. I guess the only reality check right now is the mountain of work ahead to wade through. Roll on the weekend.