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I cleaned out one of the boxes of papers kicking around my room the other evening. In it, I found an old lunch pass from school (featuring a photo sporting a lovely little version of me) and lots of old encouragement sheets we used to pass around our youth group to gets lots of positive comments on ourselves. Most of these are at least 5 years old and some stretch back to 10. Here are a few of my favourites. If you’re an old mate, you might find something you’ve written. I particularly love the one about being “reasonably safe”.

  • Ian, you are without a doubt the next Paul Merton. How you reel so many classic witty lines I don’t know, but could you tell cos I wanna be like you.
  • Dry sense of humour that makes me wet my pants. Stay cool.
  • Lord of the one-line. No messin with Ian.
  • Hey man, you’re fantastic – Your sense of humour so dry, but so refreshing. Love Ya.
  • God loves you sooooo much, just believe it. You are a well loved person by us all, you are so caring to others. Bless your legs.
  • A good team mat.
  • NICE ARSE. You’re a honey, my phone number is ***.
  • Ian, you’re fantastic. You’re such a good bloke and are always making me laugh. Your faithfulness to God is really cool and its been great seeing you grow in him this last year or two. May God keep blessing you in your life and in your music. Thanks for being a cool friend.
  • You’re fat and you know you are.
  • Ian – nice bloke – fun and reasonably safe.
  • Chuckle…how odd. Makes me want to giggle like an insane fool.
  • Lovely hands!
  • Makes me laugh, especially when things don’t go to plan.
  • He’s a “SMOOTH OPERATOR” and one of my best mates, great to talk to.