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I spent the weekend back at home in recognition of my parents 30th wedding anniversary. It’s quite bizarre looking through their wedding photos (I’d never seen them before) and picking out all my relatives in mini form. Said previous ladyfriend decided she’d brave the border as well to make those “all important” first introductions. She might of thought better of it if she knew parentals were going to bring their saturday night party back to ours and keep everyone awake until the early hours.

I got to see all my fabulous pals as well as witness the dedication of Jase and Stephs daughter Eden at the service on Sunday with lots of fireworks type “ooh’s and ahh’s” from the elderly members to express her cuteness. As a gesture of thanks, the Helyars bought everyone there a doughnut, putting my previous contributions to Vineyard somewhat to shame.

After a detour to clarks village with Paul tagging along (after a number of bump starts – remember to keep the keys in the ignition mate), we made it back to Cardiff and headed off to see the amazing Prodigy. I was so tired by now it was ridiculous, I used to remember home as a quiet place, it didn’t seem to be the case this visit but still somehow managed to roll up at the CIA. The warm up act (Audio Bully’s) really sucked big time, and it was quite amusing to hear the roar as the first track from the dj’s came on afterwards. Anyway, after feeling suitably psyched, Paul, I and the large group in the bit that formed around us spent the next 2 hours going mental to all the classics, without a black eye in sight. Lot’s of fond childhood memories came flooding back of music sharing in Pauls living room. Twas brill it twas.