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I think I’m a little less than perceptive of situations in which I’m involved. Recently, I’ve been clued in to a number of things which makes me think I’ve been carrying freeriding on this life while I could of been part of something so much more interesting. This isn’t a direct attack on anyone but myself, so don’t anyone take it to heart. I think this is best shown through the forming of a type of relationship I’ve been starved of for the best part of my life, one with my lovely new girlfriend.

Also, I’ve discovered “the best” electronic album I’ve heard in goodness knows how long, once again confirming my above suspicions. “Ulrich Schnauss – A Strangely Isolated Place” is currently making my spare time bliss though the tracklisting could lead you to believe the contrary and summises where I’ve been for a while. I advise anyone with a pulse and a desire to feel uplifted to contemplate the benefits of purchase. For all the others (without a pulse or a desire not to be uplifted), theres some free tracks on his website.