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So, I’ve had not a lot of response to my situation with ebuyer of late, but this recent email I recieved from them sent me over the edge – I’d sent them 7 emails and phoned 2 times with a 40 min wait prior to recieving this.
Microsoft OEM Windows XP Professional x64 Edition – 1Pk

Dear Sir / Madam,

Thank you for informing us of your missing item. When we are believed to have short shipped an
item, we carry out a series of checks to make sure that the item has not been dispatched.

Our first check is to recreate the order in our warehouse, and match that weight against the weight
of your order when it was shipped. We have carried out this check, and the
weights show we have shipped the item. This means we have to further investigate the missing item, by
checking the parcel with Citylink, our couriers, and possibly reporting to the relevant
authorities should something seem suspect.

We have performed these checks and believe goods to have shipped on this occasion. However, if an
incorect item/s have been delivered, please advise as this will account for the weight check and we
can investigate further.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation in this matter.


Ebuyer Customer Support


In response to your email of 03/11/05:

Dear ebuyer,

I’d be interested to know why exactly you think I’d make a complaint that an item had not been delivered if it had? I have been a loyal customer of ebuyers since 2002 – making over Β£3200 worth of purchases over that time! – all of which further adds to the horrendous way in which you are treating me, I am extremely annoyed.

I’d also add that this method of checking weight descrepencies between items is horrendously flawed in this matter – you believe you can account for the difference of a weight of a unboxed oem cd and leaflet, by recreating it in the warehouse?! The weight of these items is comparable to the air-packing which you ship with every order, ie nothing!

If you’d fully read my enotes you would see that I’ve told you the item has not been shipped, in every note I left, there we no boxes opened or damaged, so looking into your delivery companies actions seems rather pointless – I’ve had to purchase this elsewhere due to the decided lack of response on ebuyers part, incurring further cost to myself. In the course of a month, you have spent your time not listening to me, lying to me upon the phone, giving me information which I already know and have informed you of.

Suffice to say I shall not be purchasing from you in the future and by the looks of things may have to employ the services of a solicitor in order to retrieve my money anyway.

This situation is ridiculous – I expect a full refund immediately, I was initially told this matter would be resolved in a day, and your continued lack of action is deplorable.

Mr I.M.Wootten

Dear Mr Wootten,

The email which has been sent to you so we can gain further information to assist us with our enquiries. The weights of the parcels are showing as that the item has shipped. Can you please advise if you received an incorrect item or was any of the packaging damaged on arrival.

Kind Regards
Ebuyer Customer Support Team

I think the content of every enote I have ever written, along with the last I’ve just written covers this as well as the title of this post. The item is β€œMissing”. I had no extra items delivered, no boxes opened or damaged, I had the DVDRW Drive, Thermal Grease, Nero Express CD OEM in one package and the Logitech Keyboard bundle in another in the last consignment delivery.

Dear Mr Wootten,

Your card has now been refunded. The funds will be in your account in the next 3-4 working days.

Kind Regards
Ebuyer Customer Support Team