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Daft Punk

I’ve been attending a fair few ‘live’ gigs recently as oppose to the frequenting of clubs in Cardiff. The first was the fantastic Röyksopp, whom I was dubious to see alone, but glad I did. Quite frankly they were as great live as I could possibly hope for and the addition of the huge inflatable tape and scrolling info about each song added to the experience.

More recently, I got to see “Bowling for Soup” at union on Friday, which allowed me to experience the ‘delights’ of teen punk as well as some awful “post-punk laptop (c)rap” from Mc Lars who seemed confused as to where exactly Cardiff featured in the UK. When American Hi-Fi landed as support, the kiddies got a tad excited and decided to vent their frustrations of the last week before half-term by forming a number of mosh pits and jumping into one another. Not fully understanding this myself, we backed off to safer havens and observed further stupidity from there.

Saturday was a return to old pastures for me, providing a warm-up for Todah, who are as great live as their website suggests. The venue (the old apostolic church in swansea), was highly unique allowing me to play in the most random room ever as the youth were crammed in like sardines. It was great fun, reminding me of the older youth events we used to hold in Yeovil prior to the move into the new building. It was also awesome to get paid to perform and enjoy worship. I decided to give Heledd a buzz whilst I was there (possibly a little belated I realise) and we ended up going for a fab Indian with the band after, with much laughter involved. Unfortunately it seems some CV’ers might have inferred a little too much from the outing, (big stick, wrong end), but to be fair it’s nice to know that people pay enough of an interest in my life to be bothered by that.