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CD Greedy

I’ve always bought lots of music. Those of you who’ve had the privilege of viewing my collection will have seen it spans all manner of media, Tape, CD, MD, Vinyl. I’ve recently been doing a lot of random browsing on ebay for CD’s that have previously escaped me and possibly buying a few other items from the same seller to save on postage. My biggest one though has to be my most recent, 12 albums from the same seller. It’s allowed me to reminice the awesome Orb, along with Orbital, Goldie and earlier William Orbit albums whilst exploring a bunch of cheesy trance as well. All for the bargain price of £17! – a sum which I may have paid for a single album in the past. My how times change…

My latest favourite ol’ electronica hit as a result is “Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds”.