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I’m feeling rather fragile at the moment, which is really annoying because the majority of the time I’m the picture of health. It started yesterday, but I thought I’d got over it only for headaches and tummy aches to return by the evening. Unfortunately, it meant I wasn’t best of hosts to Hannah who stayed over on Sunday because of a stereophonics gig she was going to. I had to fix her up with Jon to go with as her mate decided to back out on her pretty late. Hannah got a few odd looks at the prospect of her taking her inflatable guitar though..

Todays been enrolment, which is just a pain as well due to central being at talybont and departmental being down in Queens. I think I must have been quite out of it as I just randomly decided to queue with people in trevithick, until realising that actually my enrolment was in a completely different building and had been every year I’d been there.

Theres noticeably more students around here and less parking spaces. So much so as some old welsh coot decided to give me verbal for no apparent reason outside my house. I won’t describe in detail what happened but suffice to say he was obviously mad. Anyways, I guess there’ll be more of that in the pipeline over the coming year…