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Job Requirements

That last post aside heres a mildly amusing anecdote that happened to me whilst in B&Q a couple of weeks ago featuring a sweet old welsh lady.

Old Lady (Looking at lampshades): “Is that the ACTUAL price of these!?”
Me (Bewildered, wondering past end of aisle): “Well, yeah, it says so on the label”
Old Lady: “£11.99! I saw ‘em for £1 on Newport Road!”
Me (Still bewildered, now in aisle): “Oh. Right. Ok…”
Old Lady: “I’m gonna have to go all the way back down there now..”
Me: “Hmmm…”
Old Lady: “Are you sure these are the only ones you’ve got?!”
Me (Clued in now): “Er, yeah, I don’t actually work here.”
Old Lady: “Oh I’m sorry love (now embarrased to look me in the eye, me backing away), its because you’ve got a black shirt on.”

Well, wearing “a black shirt” is certainly the least amount of requirements I’ve had for any job. It might have been hilarious to just continue the appalling customer service and hand in one of (my co-)workers names as my own when she asked for it…