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Musical Interludes

These last couple of weeks have been fairly exciting from a musical point of view. I dj’ed for both Sarah Lou and Zoe’s birthday parties, which were both fantabulous, getting to hang with new and making even newer friends. My mixing on each was somewhat dodgy, but to be honest I’m a bit out of practice.

Tim had been preparing for his CD launch for his band “Walking Wounded” all week last week, and their performance upon Thursday at Journeys showed off all their hard work (although unfortunately, I don’t think the same can be said of the random geezer who decided to perform last minute inbetween them and the support). One of the conversations I had while I was there was with the infamous Carl (who was playing some crazy dub and reggae), revealing the sad news that Fridays “off the shelf” at BSB is to come to an end. Its a bit of a shame, the guys had a great set-up there, gave me the odd gig offer now and then and I’ve met a fair few randoms through events they’ve put on, always enjoying it due to all the guys having a sound appreciation of good music. So long…

An afterparty from Zoe’s meant a bit of a late one on Friday, although a night absolutely chocka of funky soul, breaks and beats from full-fat at Moloko’s. It was a great night, great music and a great change to be making such a trip with a posse rather than being a loner. The same can be said of last night, due to the trip over to Bristol for Jurassic 5′s performance. Although Cut Chemist wasn’t there, Numark absolutely rocked the place with the solo’s he’d put together, with one crazy “do-wop” solo. It was fab to finally see him in action, after all the vids I’ve watched of him with Chemist and DJ Shadow. I stunk so much of weed when I returned it was disgusting.

Anyway, seems I’ve been inspired to check out a few random artists on Warp, namely Brothemstates (did the music for the Sprite ad) and the Rip Off Artist from Kid 606′s Tigerbeat Label. I also ordered the KEEPINTIME dvd off ninjatune by, er, pretty much everyone :). Warp and Ninjatune are both having sales of sorts at the moment if you’re interested.