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Bizarre Dreams

I’ve been having some really random dreams this week, the strangest part being I can actually remember them. Here’s a few examples:

Sunday – I had one of those ones where, you’re aware you’re asleep and can control whats going on, but was face down on my bed and completely overcome by something and unable to move any part of my body. When I woke up, with a bit of a start, I’d only been out for a half hour.

Monday – I dreamt I was down the beach somewhere in Cornwall, an absolutely beautiful place it was, when a huge tidal wave comes crashing in. Everyone legs it, leaving all their belongings. In the aftermath, I return searching through all the debri, which contains a high volume of digital cameras. I’m unable to recover my own, and am instead just left with the case.

Tuesday – In this dream I seem to be visiting the cinema where, for some reason, they’re selling hugely discounted bags of popcorn (£100 -> £0.75!). They are massive bags and although really rather tempted by them, I decide to pass as I don’t think I’ll be able to share the immense amount of popcorn they contain with anyone before it begins to taste stale.

Like I said, pretty bizarre.