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Sunny Somerset

I went back home this weekend for Tim and Becca’s wedding. Although the weather didn’t hold out – it was raining all day, the guys made the most of it and the service was fab. Music was provided by Mr Maynard and a string quartet. By far the most amusing thing was the pastor’s inability to use a radio mike without whispering the whole service. So amusing sentences like “Don’t fall down the steps….like you did yesterday” abounded.

The evening ceremonies – a barn dance and a whole ice-cream cabinet full of sweet’s (which I duely explored without instruction – insighting a bit of a riot!), were held at the Haynes motor museum, which I don’t think I’ve ever been too despite it being upon my doorstep. This was quite cool as it gave us something intersting to look at whilst wondering about. One of the cadillilacs was almost the exact same model I won (though a year older). If it had been the same car I think I would’ve been a tad annoyed as we offered it to them when I won it. Anyway, it was great to catch up with everyone, old faces (my old neighbours!) and see the Yeovil crew.

The weather improved loads the following day – so I made the most of it and drove out to ham hill. It’s changed loads since I went out there last so was a bit confused to find the quarry somewhere else to where it used to be. Anyway, I stayed out there as the sun set and took a couple of pictures. It’s a really beautiful place as you can no doubt see, and holds many fond childhood memories.