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Ideal Images

On a lighter note, I went to a ‘focus group’ last night which was fairly surreal. I’d been asked last week to attend, and had agreed not actually knowing the subject matter. On sunday I was informed that it was going to be on ‘mens cosmetics’ (something I’m obviously very familiar with!) so didn’t really know what to expect. After arriving, discovering two of my old coursemates were there (and on the same course as Garima), we sat down for like 45 minutes talking about our opinions about luxuries, cosmetics and as many tangents we could stray off on as possible. It was all fairly amusing, except for the part where I was forced to admit to moisturising in front of a bunch of guys I’d just met…(I get really dry skin!)..

What it did leave me thinking was the whole aspect of image and how we can become overly concerned with it. Most of you who know me know that I’m not overly bothered with combo’s of clothing, I tend to buy on the off chance and whatever is suitable and cheapest. What I am a little more concerned about is my build, but only because people generally comment to me in disdain due to how thin I am. For all those people, I’m really sorry that you seem to have a problem with this, feeling the need to bring it up all the time. I am what I am, God made me this way, I can’t help high metabolism, its not my fault, leave it out!…..really I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be blessed with such a skinny, lanky, body – I’ve had health problems in the past because of it and not the eating disorder kind either. I could understand desire for the tall, dark, handsome, intelligent, humourous, modest angle, but not the lankiness..

Hmm, tangents again, so much for the ‘lighter note’.