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Weddings, Unicycles and Money

It’s been a good week thus far. Saturday marked a return to Somerset to attend Steve and Hannah’s wedding, which I was a little late for due to having to pick up a number of interesting things I’ve been given by Gran. I felt a little harsh having to dash in, collect and leave, it felt a little like Dad and I were looting the place.

Being late was ok as one of the speakers was following in just after me (apparently a bit of a search was going on for him prior to the service), confirming we were good to creep through the large arched doors as the sound of singing could be heard. I’m getting more impressed with my homing skills for places I don’t know (though I couldn’t really go far wrong with a village the size of Yetminster). It was really cool meeting lots of people I haven’t seen for ages from yesteryear in YCC and catching up, plus being with the Yeovil posse again.

After juggling antics in France, I thought it would be quite cool to re-live childhood fun and decided to bring up my unicycle ‘The Undercarriage Chaifer’ too. After returning to Cardiff saturday after the wedding, I had to move stuff back in trying not to annoy ‘Ellie’ – the new housemate who I’d never met before. This was more difficult than it sounds, everyone in bed and me trying to move a freezer across the street into the house quietly at 1:30am is unsurprisingly fairly difficult.

Sunday helralded cleaning of said freezer and assembling of unicycle, before going to play in the park with guys on the latter. Tim said my task was to be juggling and unicycling simultaneously by the end of the hour. After a few, slow and short free-mounts I was able to continue back to the house. Talks this week have revealed said housemate is up on circus skills too, so a worthy addition to the house.

Today holds the best news though. It marks the 13 month voyage Tim and I have taken to get our bonds from year 2003-2004 back minus only £1 each for the non-cleaning of window sills in the lounge (which everyone knows is still a hangable offence in some countries) and a further £20 for Tims amusing ‘I think I’ll mop this water off the carpet with the iron’ incident. It’s the end of an era.