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Normality Check

Our last day in Jard was rather less exciting than we’d hoped, we decided to clean the place* we were staying in, so spent the morning doing that and unfortunately the weather was cack so didn’t make for much of an afternoon either. We apparently caught the back end of a heatwave this week which has been rather fortunate, although pretty uncomfortable in the evenings. (Tim had it worse being in the same room as Mr ‘Exorcist’ Pete, I had to endure that in Germany so it’s his turn this time). In the evening we had a final celebratory meal, before heading off on Saturday….

Finally we complete the trip in reverse mode, go up France, get separated from convoy, get lost in a different city, randomly meet up in city, get lost again in same city, find desired route, randomly meet again at services, get to Calais, hotel, sleep, brekkie, chunnel, motorway, Reading, food, lost camera, find camera, motorway, Cardiff. Yay! no trying to speak a language I’ve never been taught! Back to work tomoz. I’m tired. Night.

*We also cleaned the place the next day before we left, before being booted out by a woman who’d been sent to clean (doh!).